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ANCA RX7 universal CNC grinding machine is one of APLUS’s key production machines. RX7 incorporates ANCA’s self-developed 5DX NC system capable of monitoring the grinding process in all directions, and grinding different end mill shapes rapidly and precisely. The latest built-in iView tool measuring system is able to measure the cutting profile precisely to ensure the quality of end mills.
RX7 features a two-way spindle drive capability to give a constant power of 8.2kW, and a maximum power of up to 19kW. Not only can the two-way spindle able to effectively reduce vibration generated during the grinding process, it can also enhance the accuracy of grinding orientation and suitable to apply in any kind of end mill grinding.
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  • The built-in CIMulator 3D solid simulation system allows the process personnel to perform real-time preview of the 3D solid simulated cutting models, and inspect the size of the grinding tools, shape and clearance to greatly reduce errors during processing.

End mill inspection


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  • To insist on the principle of “Quality First,” APLUS uses Zoller tool measuring instrument from Germany to monitor the measuring process with Pilot NC system software, and uses Delta measuring program to determine whether or not the end mills are conformed to preset standards. In addition, the central height of the measuring module of Zoller allows the inspector to master the damage and wear conditions of the end mills through a special lighting and image processing system, and timely and rapidly handle the products. This enables APLUS to control the quality of the products stringently and offer the flawless products to the customers.
  • APLUS uses tungsten carbide materials from Japan on its end mills, and mainly classified them in “B series,” “M series,” “V series” and “A series” according to materials used. The M series end mills are suitable to cut titanium alloy, heat-resistant alloy, austenitic stainless steel, grey pig iron, and glass-reinforced plastic. The V series end mills are suitable to cut titanium alloy, heat-resistant alloy, austenitic stainless steel, grey cast iron, and glass-reinforced plastic; and they also serve as mechanical punches. The A series end mills are suitable to cut high wear resistant materials, stainless steels and composite materials such as Kevlar and graphite-reinforced plastic, and they are also ideal for high-speed cutting and oil-free cutting.
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